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Redefine what's next with our High Performance Computing team!

At HPE, groundbreaking innovation aims to provide exascale technologies that will unlock new discoveries, innovation, and achievements. Hence, we are always asking what's next.
Our HPC team is looking for passionate individuals who can ask the same questions with us and maximize supercomputing environments for top clients and critical services. 

Want to be part of something at exascale?
​​​​​​​Join our team in Australia and help drive innovation to the next frontier!

Supporting the whole you

Being at the forefront of innovation isn’t the only perk we offer at HPE. We strive to provide our team members and their loved ones with a comprehensive suite of well-being benefits that support the whole you—your physical health, your mental, emotional, and financial well-being, as well as social connections to your community.

John Gibson

Service Delivery Lead
High Performance Computing & AI

"Our APAC services oriented team always prioritises client collaboration in supporting high performance computing systems. We are passionate about making the invisible, visible - and bringing together clever and driven innovators to look for what's next."

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