Make hybrid work, work for you

Live life on the edge — 

At HPE, we know that our value isn’t tied to where we work, but, instead, by how we show up. We also know that one particular work environment is not always the best work environment for all who inhabit it. That’s why we believe in giving team members the power to shape their experience, exploring where, when and how they do their best work so we can continue to accelerate innovation for our customers, partners and the world. 

We do this by offering a hybrid, flexible work model — one that ensures connectivity, a commitment to our culture, and continued impact for our team members. We call it living Edge-to-Office.

And, although the majority of positions at HPE are designated edge-to-office, some roles require team members to be onsite the majority of time. Your recruiter will provide details on a specific role's remote work policy.

Living edge-to-office:

While the way we work may look different, our drive for innovation, connection, and sense of community remains the same.

We implement and utilize platforms, tools and best-practices to make living Edge-to-Office as natural and collaborative as working side-by-side, such as:
  • Onsite activities that provide team members the opportunity to connect, collaborate, celebrate and embrace our culture
  • ​​​​​​​An emphasis on maintaining strong social ties - either in an office setting or through various digital platforms
  • ​​​​​​​Workspaces designed with culture, collaboration and wellbeing in mind. 

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