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GreenLake Cloud Platform Team

A career in the HPE GreenLake Platform Cloud (GLCP) team allows you the opportunity to create history and push the industry forward, redefining the state of the art in what cloud computing means. Come and help us build a large scale, enterprise ready platform, powering a hybrid edge-to-cloud world. Our platform allows some of the largest most diverse enterprises in the world to deliver with speed, agility, and scale – while keeping their data where it needs to be, and ensuring their sustainability and green goals are met and exceeded. New to the cloud world? Not to worry, some of our openings allow great engineers to join our team and learn the cloud technologies that are advancing our customers businesses.

Our team members search beyond customers' needs today to accelerate what’s next and make a difference — for others, our
company, and the planet. Our customers turn to us because we are positive, empathetic and enterprising. Nowhere is this better reflected than in our running in production with over 100,000 dedicated customers and over 1 million devices.

We embrace opportunities to accelerate transformation across data, connectivity, cloud and security. From vital solutions for small businesses with a single storefront to essential applications for large retail chains with thousands of locations. Together we make what was once thought impossible, possible.

Meet our team

Bradley Pitter
Rafi Tzadikario
Senior Vice President
GreenLake Cloud Platform
Bradley Pitter
Saurabh Kulkarni
Head of Engineering InfoSight
GreenLake Cloud Platform 
Bradley Pitter
Praveena Patchipulusu
Senior Director, Engineering
GreenLake Cloud Platform
Bradley Pitter
Minal Santhosh
Senior Director, PMO, Documentation & Engg. Operations

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