​​​​​​​Tech Con 2022

Celebrating 20 years, HPE Tech Con has served as an innovation driver, ensuring our legacy of technical excellence lives on.

HPE Tech Con is a proven innovation engine for HPE

Displaying talent

It brings together top innovators from across the company to showcase their best work and share ideas. 

Forging new paths

It's a major impetus for technical initiatives, products, research, new standards, and defining new markets. 

Advancing solutions

It harnesses the power of peer reviewed collaboration across organizations to advance technologies and solutions.

HPE Tech Con Benefits


  • Real-time innovation
  • Expose senior leaders to emerging technologies
  • Retention and career development
  • Internal communication
  • Idea harvesting

For the technical community

  • Understand vision and company strategy
  • Recognition and awards
  • Networking and engagement

Don't just take it from us.

"[In 2020,] Tech Con had to be virtual because of COVID, but in the future we are looking forward to a face to face event which is my favorite internal and external technical conference, period."
Gary Campbell – CTO and Fellow
"Tech Con enabled collaborations across the company that I otherwise would have struggled to form. It has already led to two submitted papers, a visit to Palo Alto and lots of plans for future collaboration."
Cat Graves – Research Scientist
"Tech Con remains the single-most important event at HPE for looking ahead at where our future technologies may run into issues with export controls ... and then mapping out how we deal with that, before it happens."
Mark Renfeld – Global Trade