What starts in Switzerland changes the world

As one of the world’s leading edge-to-cloud platforms, we understand that accelerating what’s next and being a force for good go hand in hand. By making Hybrid IT simple, powering the Intelligent Edge, and providing the expertise to make it happen, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is always uncovering and creating solutions that shape how the world lives, works and communicates. No matter where our team members are located, we’re always dedicated to being good neighbors in the countries we call home.

Our heritage in Switzerland

In 1959, HPE opened in Geneva one of its very first offices in Europe. Today, our Customer Innovation Centre is located in Geneva and allows HPE to hold presentations of products and solutions to customers coming from all European countries. One of HPE’s Customer Technology Centres is located in Zurich. It is a sales platform supporting activities like presenting our corporate strategy, innovations, technologies and services, while aiming to reflect the infrastructure design of our customers. HPE also partners locally with Swiss academic institutions to discover the best startups in AI and IoT.  

Switzerland, being HPE’s third IoT centre in the world, continues to embrace innovation and technology as drivers of economic growth and societal progress. HPE stands ready to support the country's journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable future, building upon its rich history of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. 

Why you will love working at HPE Switzerland

Wellbeing at work
The Happy Employee Program was created by a group of HPE colleagues to foster a sense of happiness at work and in our offices. With our initiatives, activities, events and recognition programs, we aim to care about the wellbeing of our employees. We strive to promote not only professional but also personal satisfaction to create a sustainable and fulfilling work culture. Together, we are shaping a future where all employees feel inspired and motivated to reach their full potential. 
Parental leave
​​​​​​HPE provides paid Parental Leave (PPL) to help employees focus on what’s important in their lives, and to give both moms and dads more time to bond with and care for their new child while receiving 100% of their regular base pay (or target pay for salespeople), calculated according to local laws and regulations. By providing up to 26 weeks of paid leave no matter where employees work, the policy is industry-leading and among the most generous offered by HPE’s peers. 
Career progression
HPE offers career progression opportunities in Switzerland, including training and development opportunities, career planning, and mentorship programs. These opportunities aim to empower employees to enhance their skills, advance in their careers within the organization, and contribute to overall business success. These programs reflect HPE's commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment conducive to professional growth and achievement. 

Switzerland: at the heart of HPE

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