Our commitment to global inclusion and diversity

We believe anyone can change the world.

Why it matters

Our work thrives on differences

Inclusion and job performance go hand in hand: when people feel they belong in our community, the work they do is even better. It’s that simple. The broader the set of skills and perspectives we can draw on, the greater the chance of elevating our relevancy and achieving breakthroughs — like developing new products and services, exploring new markets, or finding new ways to help existing ones. Our customers are diverse, our teams should be too.

Customers deserve our all

We give the most to our customers by bringing our best selves to work each day. That’s where our full power lies. Our competitive advantage comes from truly understanding them, having industry expertise, and giving them winning ideas by problem-solving together.  We succeed when we innovate for our customers — which takes listening, empathy and understanding. So we create that same environment for our teams. 

It fuels creativity

A team made up of individuals with different outlooks, backgrounds and experiences gives us access to a whole new way of looking at the world. Seeing things through different lenses is the lifeblood of our creativity. Delivering unique, open and intelligent technology solutions is the result of an inclusive and diverse workplace—one that values your abilities over your limitations and listens openly to what you have to say. 

Inclusion and diversity impact pillars


We provide equitable opportunities to recruit, retain and develop talent that fuels our innovation.


We are unconditionally inclusive in the way we work and celebrate individual uniqueness.


We represent diversity when we go to market and foster inclusion across our partners.


We take a stand for as being a force for good in our communities to advance inclusion.

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